When You Are Still Sick After Countless Doctors Visits and Medications That Don't Help...

It's Time to Take Control of Your Health!

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You experience pain throughout your body for no reason.
  • Your Doctor can't figure out what's wrong with you.
  • Your Doctor gave you a vague diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.
  • The prescriptions don't work or cause massive side effects.
  • You know there is an underlying cause of your symptoms, but you don't know how to find and fix them
  • You're fed up with never feeling right - you're sick of guessing and confusion - You need solutions!

The Health Reboot System

How It Works

We Dig Deep

After you fill out my intake form I will order standard blood work (CBC and CMP). If you have had these run in the past 3 months I can use those if they are complete. If your intake form shows you are experiencing issues with your thyroid, gut health or other areas I will order functional labs for those areas as well. I won't order labs if your intake form doesn't a need. Once the blood work is back and the results of any other labs I had your run, we may need to order additional labs but only if absolutely necessary.

No amount of medications or supplements will help you regain your health because your doctor is treating the symptoms - the results of your health complaint and not the true causes. Your health is complicated. It is not one size fits all. You are biochemically unique and so are the causes of your health complaints.

We Analyze Your Data

The labs give us the data we need to determine what needs to be addressed.  I correlate the lab data with the issues you reported on the intake form which gives me a much better picture of what is happening in your body.

We Craft the Solution

We create a plan specifically for you that will ensure your success. Since we are all biochemically unique, your program is designed specifically for you and includes personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and the appropriate supplements to help your body heal itself.

We Support You On Your Healing Journey

We are here to support you all the way. We understand that some of our recommendations may be hard to start or stick with, so we are here to get you going and keep you on track. Our plan won't work if you don't follow it!

You can reach us by email, text, zoom, or by phone daily if needed. 

Full Support - Reach out whenever you need to. 

Some people don't need much support, others need daily accountability and reminders of why they want to Reset their Health. We give you the level of support you need to succeed. The Health Reset System is six months long and we'll be there for you every step of the way.

Many health coaches only meet with you once a week or sometimes once every two weeks. While that may be enough for some people, you may need daily contact, and we're ok with that. 

Email, text, Messenger, What's App, Zoom, or a plain, old-fashioned phone call. Whatever form of communication works for you

What's Your Ideal Outcome?

  • Wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated with tons of energy
  • Think clearly all day long, and stay focused
  • No more nagging aches and pains
  • No more gut issues
  • Lose unwanted body fat and keep it off, for good.
  • Say Goodbye to medications that don't work
  • Work with someone who listens to you and cares about your ideal health. No more being told "it's all in your head",  "we don't know", "it's just normal aging", or "it's normal to feel this way when you are under a lot of stress".

You can achieve your ideal outcome when you take charge of your health and join my Health Reset System. More than just a program or protocol, my Health Reset System is a relationship between you and me - together we will find and resolve your underlying health issues. 

The Health Reboot System

The Details

  • Coaching and Support - Support when you need it the most via email, text, Messenger, What's App, Telegram, Zoom, or a Phone Call.
  • Standard Blood Panels with additional markers. Follow-up labs of required, may include: Sex Hormones, Adrenals (Stress hormones), , Gut health (parasites, bad bacteria, etc.), Mold and Fungus exposure, Hair Analysis (mineral status and metal toxicity), and Food Sensitivities.
  • Customized Healing Program based on your lab results - Diet, Lifestyle, and Supplementation to support your body in its' return to health.
  • Reassessment - At the end of your program we will reassess your health by comparing your intake forms from the beginning and end of your program. We may decide to re-run some labs, these are not included in the cost of the Health Reset System.


More ways to support your health

Bonus #1

20% discount on all supplements purchased through my online dispensary. I'm not in the business of selling you supplements.

My dispensary makes it easy to find everything I recommend for you in one place and is usually less expensive than buying locally if you can even find it.

My clients save $1000 - $1200 a year on Supplements

Bonus #2

Lifetime Access to all Educational Content - Information on Diet, Lifestyle, Proper Supplementations.

Also included is material on Thyroid, Adrenals, Gut Dysfunction, "Leaky" Brain, and more.

Information you can use so you don't have to Google everything. I've done the legwork for you.

Bonus #3

Discounted Rates on my Maintenance Program to help you retain the health you worked so hard to rebuild. 

After your 6-month program ends you may want to continue using my supports systems to make sure you are staying on track

Your Path to Becoming Pain Free Starts NOW!

The sooner you take action the sooner you will feel better. 


I’ve always had stomach issues and never put gut health with overall health. It has only been 3 months since I started your Functional Health Coaching program and I’ve already lost 9 pounds and I no longer heave acid reflux. 



 Dave is the most honest, educated, straight-to-the-point coach I know. He has proven to me that you can achieve whatever goals you have with balance


Dave was excellent to work with.

Before I started working with him I would feel sick after eating. I got hot, my chest felt tight, I could feel my heart beat, I had difficulty swallowing, and sometimes I felt dizzy. 

Dave ordered two labs for me and we went over the results and his impressions as soon as he received them. The MRT (food sensitivity) test showed me what foods I should stay away from to help me feel my best I feel better now than I have in a long time.

I began to feel better once I modified my diet to better suit me based on my food sensitivities and my body's preference. He also gave me a list of supplements to support my body and replace what was missing.

My energy levels have gone up, I fall asleep quicker than I ever have before, and my mind feels sharper. I now have the energy to workout and I have lost 20 pounds!

I can definitely say that Dave has changed my life for the best! He is a great person.

Madie Trent  

About Us

Dave Randolph, FDN-P

My mission is to help you achieve an optimal state of health by listening to you and doing the investigative work necessary to get to the root cause of your health issues.

I will teach you how to heal yourself through proper nutrition, improved sleep, stress reduction techniques, targeted exercise, and smart supplementation.

I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years, helping people get in shape and lose weight. A few years ago, after tiring of watching people go through the cycle of losing and regaining weight or not losing weight at all no matter what they did, I realized I was missing something.

I found that no matter how hard you work out and how clean your diet is if your body isn't functioning right on a cellular level, you'll never achieve optimal health.

I became a certified health coach with the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program and now I am much more able to help people discover and resolve their underlying health issues.